Watch Dogs Legion Soundtrack – 3LP | Laced Records

Side A:

-Welcome To The Resistance
-Helen, The Bringer of War
-Rainfall (Ft. Tiana Major)
-Interlude – Walkürenritt
-This Little Piggy Went to Camden Market

Side B:

– A Hard Night’s Day
– Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Evil Capitalist Machiney
– Fifty Shades Of Earl Grey
– Interlude – Bagley
– A Room With A Queue

Side C:

– The Future Is Bright
– Sax, Drugs And Rock & Roll
– Eye In The Skye
– Not Great Expectations
– Cruel Britannia
– The National Stealth Service

Side D:

– Interlude – Dies Irae Interlude – Dies Irae
– It’s All Gone A Bit Tom Tit
– Apotheosis, Meet Kettle
– Bare Knuckles
– Gunplay-Master

Side E:

– Chop Shop
– Time For A Hard Reset
– Orwell That Ends Well
– In The Jungle
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platform: Laced Records, Merchandise

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