The Pathless Original Soundtrack – 2-LP Blue & Red | Just for Games

Heavyweight Cleansed Blue and Cursed Red 180gr 2 LP
Gatefold Jacket


First LP

Face A

A1 None Have Returned
A2 Gateway
A3 From The Antlers
A4 The Redwood Steppe
A5 The Plains

Face B

B1 The Rain Infects All Waters
B2 The Cold Has Cured All Generosity
B3 A Chill That Infests The Bones
B4 A Land, Which Was Not My Own

Second LP

Face A

C1 Cernoa
C2 Sauro
C3 Nimue

Face B

D1 Do You Not See That This World Is Broken?
D2 Kumo
D3 The Path To Salvation
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