The King of Fighters 2000 The Definitive Soundtrack LP | Brave Wave

A01 00 (Title)
A02 Be-Ta Force (How To Play – Player Select)
A03 KD-0084 (Heroes Team)
A04 Lv-4 (Winner Demo)
A05 Inner Shade (Benimaru Team)
A06 Terry115 (Fatal Fury Team)
A07 Beauty & the Beast (Art of Fighting Team)
A08 The Trooper (Ikari Team)
A09 Cat Tail (Interrim Demo)
A10 Will (Psycho Soldier Team)

B01 Come Up Smiling (Women Fighters Team)
B02 Wild Party (Korea Team)
B03 Lv-1 (Winner Demo [Single Play])
B04 Good Bye Esaka (Kyo Kusanagi)
B05 Stormy Scream (Iori Yagami [Stormy Saxaphone 4])
B06 Be Freeze (Mid-Boss Intermediary Demo)
B07 Ice Place (Mid-Boss)
B08 Devil (Final Boss Appearance Demo)
B09 Slasher Zero (Final Boss)
B10 Dream Eater (Final Boss Vanishing Demo)

C1 Crystal (Type 1) [Staff Roll [Type 1]]
C2 Crystal (Type 2) [Staff Roll [Type 2]]
C3 Crystal (Type 3) [Staff Roll [Type 3]]
C4 Crystal (Type 4) [Staff Roll [Type 4]]
C5 Crystal (Type 5) [Staff Roll [Type 5]]
C6 Crystal (Type 6) [Staff Roll [Type 6]]

D1 Crystal (Type 7) [Staff Roll [Type 7]]
D2 Crystal (Type 8) [Staff Roll [Type 8]]
D3 Crystal (Type 9) [Staff Roll [Type 9]]
D4 Crystal (Type A) [Staff Roll [Type A]]
D5 Crystal (Type Overseas) [Staff Roll [Type Overseas]]
D6 Sukuwareru (Continue)
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