Skyscraper Simulator | UIG Entertainment

You are a constructer and you have specialised in the Building of skyscrapers. Due to your specialisation over the years you constantly get new orders for higher and higher skyscrapers all over the world. Within your responsibilities are the planning, the supply with construction materials and sometimes even the operation of the big machinery such as cranes, forklifts and trucks.

In the beginning you are dealing with multi-storey town houses, but later on you find yourself in realizing magnificent buildings for the rich and famous. A level is considered to be solved, if, within the specified time, the received contracts and tasks have been fulfilled. But be careful, unpredictable events always affect the current happenings, such as work stoppages, weather conditions – wind, ice and rain, onlookers, and technical defects.

During the game the player receives more and more new tools, machines and experience points. In addition to the linear career mode, the level can be selected individually and high scores for this certain level can be stored, once you have accomplished all tasks. Thus, on the hunt for the high score.
EAN: 4020636114892
platform: UIG Entertainment, PC Gaming

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