HALO: UNSC Spartan Gabriel Thorne Sixth Scale Figure | Three A Toys

Figure Stands 13.5-Inches (34.3cm) Tall. Over 35 Points of Articulation Featuring Fully Articulated Fingers. Assault Rifle Magnetically Attaches to Shoulder Armor. Handgun Magnetically Attaches to Upper Leg Armor.

Illuminated Helmet and Combat Armor Featuring 24 LED Lights. Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Paint Application. WEAPON LOADOUT M6H Handgun. MA5D Assault Rifle. M11 Combat Knife. BATTERY REQUIREMENTS [Batteries Not Included] AG1 x 3 Button Cell Batteries. CR2032 x 2 Button Cell Batteries.
EAN: 4897056211674
platform: Three A Toys, Merchandise

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