Street Fighter Bobble Budds: Zangief | Bobble Budds

The seminal classic arcade fighting franchise gets a tad bit cuter with Street Fighter Bobble Budds. This latest Bobble Budd series takes the iconic videogame arcade characters from the Street Fighter universe and super deforms them into pint-sized pugilists with a penchant for nodding.

Each Bobble Budd figure measures 3.5 inches tall and features the exclusive bobble head locking mechanism for optimal functionality and display.

Based on the highly successful Street Fighter game franchise, Street Fighter Bobble Budds enable collectible enthusiasts and fighting game fans to display their affection for this beloved videogame series by collecting their favorite world warriors in super deformed bobble head form.
EAN: 0832483000129
platform: Bobble Budds, Merchandise

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