Persona 2 – Lisa Silverman 1/8 PVC Figure | GoodSmile Company

The Seven Sisters Academy is rumoured to be full of pretty people. Lisa Silverman is here to prove it true. She has the bright blond hair and the aqua marine eyes and the demeanour of a traditional Japanese girl. The figure maker NoRi at Freeing shows her courage and her demureness through her pose. The way her chin angles downward portrays a sort of shyness, but the way she stands show that she won’t hesitate before jumping into action. The texture of her uniform and her shoes are distinguished by the clever application of gloss. The lines on her hair gives it an image of richness and softness.

Height: approx 195mm.
EAN: 4571245293800
platform: GoodSmile Company, Merchandise

Prijs: 68.00  (klik hier voor meer informatie