Dragon War Dual Turbo Charging Cable | Dragon War

Features :
– Charging all your Micro-USB devices
– 2 Micro USB
– Braided cable
– Copper Wire Core
– High purity copper – 99.99%
– Gold-plated USB connector
– Cable length : 4m
– Turbo charging
– Works for PC, Gamepads, Smartphones, Tablets, or any other device equipped with a Micro USB Plug

Two cables in one, to quickly charge your PlayStation 4’s gamepads, your Smartphone, or any other device equipped with a Micro USB plug.

Are you tired of having to choose which device recharge first? You’d like to charge and use your smartphone while recharging your PS4 controller’s battery? Dragon War’s Dual Turbo Charging Cable is THE accessories you’ve been searching for!

The Dual Turbo Charging Cable appears as a cable with two ends. They can be used to quickly charge two devices at the same time, whether it is your smartphone, your gamepad, your tablet. Indeed, the Dual Turbo Charging Cable has a Turbo Charging function, guaranteeing you a very quick recharge! No more never ending waiting, you can recharge all the devices in a record time.

In addition to its extra-long 4m cable, the Dual Turbo Charging Cable is equipped with a gold-plated USB connector, a synonym for quality and high transfer speed! You won’t have to argue or to choose which device you’ll charge first, all your devices equipped with a Micro USB plug has now found the ideal cable to fully reload them !
EAN: 5425025604197
platform: Dragon War, Playstation 4

Prijs: 8.00  (klik hier voor meer informatie