Angry Birds the Big Red Doodle Book | Overig

Angry Birds fans can indulge their creative side with the Angry Birds Big Doodle Books! Each book features 100 unfinished drawings of the Angry Birds and their enemies, the Bad Piggies, and the young (and the young at heart) can complete the drawings then color them with crayons or markers.

The Angry Birds: The Big Red Doodle Book has the Angry Birds and the Pigs in settings from the game, while the Angry Birds: The Big Green Doodle Book takes the Angry Birds and Pigs on vacation to a tropical destination! All of your favorite characters from the game are present, now it’s up to you to finish their adventures and color them in!

Size: 8.5inch x 11inch
ISBN 978-952-276-003-6
104 pages
EAN: 9789522760029
platform: Overig, Strategy Guides

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